Andy James' Shred Guitar in 6 Weeks - Week 3 DVD

Andy James' Shred Guitar in 6 Weeks - Week 3 DVD
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Andy James' Shred Guitar in 6 Weeks - Week 3 DVD


Welcome to the Shred Guitar in 6 Weeks guitar course. This course isdesigned to focus your practice towards realistic goals achievable insix weeks. Each week provides you with techniques, concepts and licks tohelp you play and understand metal soloing at a manageable pace. Threelicks in the style of a featured artist are taught each week to help youtowards playing in real musical situations and develop an ear for thedifferences between players. If you have been frustrated or intimidatedby other educational material this course is for you. You will see theimprovement as you work through each week. Week three includes:Pentatonic scale and blues scale in the third position • natural minorscales and sequences • combining pentatonic and natural minor scaleswith legato and tapping • and three licks in the style of DimebagDarrell. Andy James is a well respected guitarist and teacher whoseinfluences include Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Tony Macalpine and ZakkWylde. He is known for his blistering technique.

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