Pat Petrillo's Learn to Read Rhythms...Better! - DVD

Pat Petrillo's Learn to Read Rhythms...Better! - DVD
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Pat Petrillo's Learn to Read Rhythms...Better! - DVD

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NEW from the author of the top selling DVD "Hands, Grooves, & Fills", Pat Petrillo...  In this multimedia High Def 2 DVD Set, Pat Petrillo has created a complete program that will teach you exactly how to READ RHYTHMS from beginning to advanced. PLAY ALONG with Pat as a digital pointer guides you thru each video lesson example with a click track. Each clip is instantly reviewable, "YouTube" style. The "Rosetta Stone" of Rhythm Reading, this DVD is an Interactive Reading BOOT CAMP ...that comes with a TEACHER! Curriculum Includes: Basic 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, note rhythms an rests Dotted Rhythm Combinations Syncopation Notation in straight and swing interpretation All Triplet Subdivisions Common and Odd Time Signature Examples Essential "Road Map" form, "Codas", "Repeats" Features: 15 Page Printable eBook Down-loadable MP3 clips for your iPod Order your copy of this groundbreaking INSTANT CLASSIC today!

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