Mighty Bright Encore LED Music Light

Mighty Bright Encore LED Music Light
Brand: Mighty Bright
Product Code: LT396E
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Mighty Bright Encore LED Music Light


The Encore Light is a miniature version of our popular Orchestra Light. Featuring a similarly sleek body design, the Encore's light bar contains six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs, along with an integrated back fin to shield the brilliant light from the audience. The Encore's head has a sliding power switch which offers two brightness levels. With a signature Mighty Bright clip and a flexible gooseneck, the Encore epitomizes music light perfection. For added convenience, the Encore light comes with an AC adapter and a black Mighty Bright travel bag. Start practicing - with our Encore Light you will be playing long into the night! Features: Six bright white energy-efficient LEDs Each LED lasts 1, hours Two brightness levels Optical grade lens spreads light evenly Flexible gooseneck Padded clip opens extra-wide Durable travel bag (included) Three AAA batteries (included) AC adapter with 13 foot/4 meter power cord (included)

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