Yamaha EZ-220 61-Note Lighted Portable Keyboard

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Note Lighted Portable Keyboard
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Yamaha EZ-220 61-Note Lighted Portable Keyboard

EZ-22 is a 61 touch-sensitive keyboard with lighted keys, built-in wireless connectivity to the free Page Turner iPad app and 1 preset songs with digital score make Yamaha's EZ-22 the perfect learn-to-play keyboard. A USB TO HOST port lets you connect the keyboard to your computer for use with a wide range of music programs for both education and entertainment. A wide variety of 392 built-in Voices let you play strings, guitars, brass, synthesizers, drums and more. The built-in Yamaha Education Suite provides even more ways to learn how to play. Finally, 1 preset Styles act as virtual bands that are always ready to jam with you.Keyboard / Lighted keys61 touch-sensitive, lighted keys show the correct notes, making it easy to learn how to play.Voices / StylesXG-Lite compatibility with 392 built-in Voices lets you play more than piano. Play strings, guitars, brass, saxophones, synthesizers, drums and more. 1 preset Styles act as virtual bands that are always ready to jam with you.Lesson function - Fingering GuideThe Fingering Guide shows you the correct finger placement for each note, a key component to building proper technique.Lesson function - Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)This advanced set of helpful learning tools built-in to the instrument lets you teach yourself how to play and perform. Y.E.S. helps you master a song in easy lesson steps. Each lesson can be done in isolation with either your left hand or right hand, or both. Call up a song from the 1 songs built-in to the keyboard and hit "Start". The keyboard will light up the correct keys and wait for you to play them before continuing.Lesson function - EZ-22 Page Turner application for iPadYamaha's Page Turner application for iPad not only includes the piano score for the 1 preset songs, it turns pages automatically and allowing you to focus on the music. It can also record the audio of your playing and/or singing. *iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countriesSong Book1-song book is a free gift with every EZ-22 purchase!Portable Grand ButtonPlaying piano is fast and easy with Yamaha's Portable Grand function. One dedicated button brings up a great sounding piano, impressively rich and authentic in its sound as well as setting up the keyboard to play as a piano.USB TO HOSTConnect directly to your computer or iPad with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit for use with popular music education, notation and creation programs.

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