Archer Telluride F-Style Mandolin

Archer Telluride F-Style Mandolin
Brand: Archer
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Archer Telluride F-Style Mandolin


Archer's F-Style (Florentine-shaped) Mandolin with f-holes is the perfect model for performing bluegrass and country styles. The f-holes on this model offer a clear, crisp tone, and will inspire any player. The Archer F-Style Mandolin features a Linden arch top, back and sides with a maple neck and rosewood fret board in a Sunburst finish for a great appearance. The hand-carved scroll is a striking feature. Neck adjustments are made with the built-in truss rod. This Archer Mandolin is a quality musical instrument at a modest price, and offers good performance and workmanship for musicians of all ages. Designed and performance-tested in the USA, The Archer F-Style Mandolin is ready to play right out of the box.

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