Archer - Flying Cheese Wedge Electric Guitar

Archer - Flying Cheese Wedge Electric Guitar
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Archer - Flying Cheese Wedge Electric Guitar

The fun and unique design of Archer's Flying Cheese Wedge® Electric Guitar focuses on Wisconsin’s sports teams. This guitar looks and plays great, whether onstage, in the studio, or even just hanging in recreation rooms and corporate offices as a very definite and noticeable conversation piece! It’s a functional, unique work of art, symbolizing what is important to fans and players across the USA. The Flying Cheese Wedge® concept began in 29. Each guitar is a unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-built unit. This instrument is designed in Milwaukee by musicians and Archer technicians who have over 65 years of experience in the music industry. A portion of the proceeds from Cheese Wedge Guitar sales will go to the MACC Fund, Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer and related blood disorder research. The MACC Fund has contributed 41 million dollars toward this cause since its beginning. • Solid Hardwood Body Solid body construction on most electric guitars allows for a strong and rugged instrument, and is less expensive to create than a hollow-bodied acoustic guitar. • Maple Neck The extension with strings where the fingers are placed to play notes. Maple construction is a strong material to withhold the tension the strings put on the neck. • Rosewood Fingerboard Also known as the fretboard, this rests on top of the neck. • Die-Cast Chrome Tuners Tuners are the pegs at the end of the guitar that allow the strings to be individually tuned. • 2 Humbucker Pickups Pickups convert the vibration of the strings into signals, allowing the guitar to be heard by an amplifier. The “Humbucker” type “bucks the hum” to reduce noise interference. • Volume and Tone Controls Two volume controls adjust the volume of each pickup, and for shaping the sound. One tone control allows for adjustment of frequencies in the pickups, resulting in either brighter or more bass heavy tones. • 3-way Toggle Switch The toggle switch allows control over both pickups, and is helpful when using one volume for soloing and the other for rhythmic playing. • 2-way Truss Rod This metal rod runs inside the neck and used to stabilize and adjust the lengthwise forward curvature of the neck. With this 2-way design, it exerts force on the neck in both directions simultaneously when adjusted. • GHS Strings GHS is a top brand in the global market of guitar strings.

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