Ravel Paris- RAS302RB - Professional Eb Rose Brass Alto Saxophone

Ravel Paris- RAS302RB - Professional Eb Rose Brass Alto Saxophone
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Ravel Paris- RAS302RB - Professional Eb Rose Brass Alto Saxophone

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The Ravel Paris 32RB Professional Alto Saxophone has incredible performance - in terms of pitch, sound and quality of manufacturing. The sound is unmistakable - clear, responsive and easily shaped. It has a solid platform of stability and has been a chosen instrument for professionals. Superior intonation is provided by refined tone hole dimensions and their placement. The rose brass finish looks great in any setting. Each sax comes with ribbed construction, high F# key, elegant engraving and is fitted into a beautiful case with all of the standard accessories. Ravel emphasizes quality while keeping prices affordable for everyone.32RB Specifications: Key of Eb Red copper brass (rose brass) body finish High F# Tapered tone holes Ribbed construction Ergonomic key shapes Comfort thumb rest Metal resonators Leather pads USA Springs Meticulous engravingWhat's included: Hard rubber mouthpiece, plastic cap and nickel ligature Neck strap Cork grease Polishing cloth Pad saver Reed White gloves Protective leatherette covered hard shell case with soft liningRavel Musical Instruments' passion is to inspire performance and playing passion among musicians, regardless of age. Ravel not only inspires musicians to play, but also offers high quality instruments with great tonal qualities and advanced features, affordable for all. Ravel Musical Instruments' company name pays homage to renowned French Impressionist composer, Maurice Ravel. Just as Ravel sought "tonal color and variety of sound and instrumentation" in his music, the Ravel brands group seeks tonal color and variety in its musical instrument offering.All Ravel Musical Instruments are hand crafted and undergo rigorous design and testing. Instruments are tested and re-tested both overseas and at Ravel's U.S. facility. Ravel believes strongly that pre-production design work and testing, in advance of actual production, helps assure and guarantee the quality and consistency demandedBacked by over 65 years in the music business, and staffed by real musicians and technicians, Ravel offers a one-year customer assurance warranty and product guarantee on each Ravel instrument. Complete information is available at http://www.ravelband.com/warranty.html.

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