Ravel TS002BNP Black Nickel Student Tenor Saxophone with High F#

Ravel TS002BNP Black Nickel Student Tenor Saxophone with High F#
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Ravel TS002BNP Black Nickel Student Tenor Saxophone with High F#


Limited supply.

TS2BNPThis Ravel tenor saxophone is built for students. It's built with a high F# key, power forged keys, metal resonators, beautifully engraved bell and is complete with a tough ABS case.Features: French Style keys High F# Key Ribbed construction for outstanding durability Molded hardshell case Cleaning cloth Neck strap Mouthpiece, ligature and reed Buying is better.All Ravel instruments are built to exacting standards with the student player in mind. Interstate Music is proud to be your exclusive source for these high quality instruments at the most affordable prices. Before deciding to rent an instrument for your beginning student, consider the advantages of owning a Ravel. Many dealers rent instruments month to month. Every dollar you pay is gone. When the rental period is up, you give the instrument back and get nothing in return. Then there are other dealers that provide instruments on a lease arrangement. Do some quick math to figure out what you'll be paying for that instrument overall and the amount may be unsettling. Ravel instruments are made to be affordable for students with the quality that they need. Owning gives you the peace of mind that renting does not. Having your own instrument gives you the freedom of using it for a year, two years, or ten without the hassles of renting indefinitely. If you purchase a Ravel instrument and your student plays for only a year, odds are that you will pay less than renting the same instrument for the same amount of time - and you'll own it. Use it, then resell it, keep it, give it to charity, or it can be your gift to the next musician in the family. The choice is yours.

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