Pearl P3000C Demon Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl P3000C Demon Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
Brand: Pearl
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Pearl P3000C Demon Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

In 29 Pearl established a new standard for bass drum pedals with the Demon Drive, the smoothest, fastest most versatile pedal in the world, and now it’s time for a little… chain. Introducing the all new Demon Chain with all the features of a Demon pedal plus the strength and power of a chain.Heavenly Feel.Your choice of Direct Link or Chain Drive, spherical bearings and a combination of custom settings create the smoothest pedal action possible.Wickedly Fast.Micro polished Ninja bearings, self-aligning spherical bearings and the zero latency Z-Link give all Demon pedals incredible speed.Unchained power.The NEW ultra-lightweight Power Chain features low-friction rollers and double chain construction for incredible power and dependability. Features: ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT CHAIN - The Power Chain features low-friction rollers for speed and double chain construction for power and dependability. (Demon Chain Only) NINJA BEARINGS - Designed for skateboarding these bearings feature micro-polished steel balls for amazing low friction. LINEAR CAM - The Perfect Circle Cam provides consistent and smooth feel throughout the entire stroke for pinpointaccuracy and superb control. (Demon Chain Only) DUO-DECK FOOTBOARD - Converts quickly from shortboard to longboard via 4 screws under footplate. For your choice of feel. ( US.PAT.762617 ) BEATER STROKE ADJUSTMENT - A choice of 2 positions for finesse or power. Simply loosen the clamshell to change position. ( US.PAT.757954 ) ADJUSTABLE TRACTION PLATE - The Aluminum Traction Dots are fully adjustable to vary the amount of slip or grip for your playing. ZERO LATENCY U-JOINTS - Zero latency Z-Link U-joints prevent backlash and promote optimal feedback for incredible speed and control. Z LINK DRIVE SHAFT - Adjustable machined Aluminum for perfect positioning and backlash-free energy transference for precise feel. FOOTBOARD HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT - Loosen and rotate to desired footboard height. Rotation is clearly indexed for optimal repeatable. MODULAR POST SYSTEM - The Modular Post System allows simple conversion from 1 double pedal to 2 single pedals. CONTROL CORE BEATERS - The standard Control Core Felt and the optional wood beater feature anti-vibration elastomer core. ( US.PAT.762618 )

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